TCA – N.I.C.E. Place



– Close to Erasmus + youth projects –

Name: Rozsnyay Anna

Oeganization: ’Legjobb vagyok’ Tehetségmentoráló Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Hometown: Budapest

Project: N.I.C.E. Place, New Intervention with Creative Education on Local participation and engagement

Place: Évora, Portugália

Date: 2015, október 11-17.

Type of the project: TCA

Subject: KA3


Assessment: I spent my first foreign Erasmus + TCA in Portugal, Evora. The subject of the N.I.C.E. Place training course was primarily built on Erasmus + KA3 program, structured dialogue, but with the help of non-formal learning methods, participants could learn a lot of new and important information about the KA1 and KA2’s activities as well. The trainers used a new approach, the LARP; Life Action Role Play, which helped us the whole week to portray creativity, strategic thinking and ability to co-operating through role play. Our goal was that the imaginary ‘Erasmian City’ would be ‘European Youth Capital’ for 2020, a city where every young person has the right and opportunity to generate a change, make recommendations, submitted them to those who are responsible and enforce them.

The planning tasks, our group was divided into different kind of small groups as;  ‘Youth workers’, ‘Youth Institution’, ‘Local Structured Dialogue’ and ‘Financial Sector’. Each group had to bear in mind their priorities accordingly develop an action plan, but it soon became clear that we must promote each other’s work, because every factors connected to each other. Our work is supported methods and techniques such as ‘Business Model Canvas’, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, ‘Mind Mapping’, SMART and SWOT analysis. In addition, we heard several presentations about ‘European Youth Capital’s projects that are already underway. It helped us to use the city’s resources and potentials in an appropriate way.

In addition to the professional programs we had the opportunity to explore the sights of Evora.  The intercultural evening and organizations fair also have created an opportunity for new partnerships in future project ideas and implementations.