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 Our organisation is a participant of the Precariosity project, under the Youth in Action Programme of European Union. The main coordinator of this program is the VisMedNet Association from Malta.

The first meeting of the project was organized in Predeal, Romania between 28 and 31 May 2014. The goal of the meeting was to review and argue about the details of the cooperation, and the participant organizations and persons could introduce themselves to the others.

The main theme of this program was clarified, which is the precarious work. This phrase came from the business English language, and not used yet in the Hungarian common milieu. The definition of precarious work contains, that every job belongs to it, which has an uncertainty factor (for example the employers give job for the workers for just a short time, or they employ them just one project) and have disadvantageous conditions for the employees. This effect causes a lot of problems in many areas of the World, mostly for the young people.

The goal of the PrecarioSity project is to assess the presence of this problem and the solving efforts in an international cooperation, working together with the stakeholders and making interviews with them. In this process it is an important target to collaborate with the youths, because they are the mostly touched in that issue.

On the meeting in Predeal was clarified each of the sub-tasks and the timetable. Besides the first video records was taken from the first promotional materials, which will be publicizing after the cuts and reworks. These are in progress, only two video clips was finished yet.

The time of the discussion of the contracts and financial tasks the group of participants was made into two parts. The youths – who will be participation active in the realization of the project – was taken to a nearby adventure park for group building activities. Here it was possible to know each other and making friends, while we were active too.

During the meeting was clarified the technical details about the formal requirements of the interviews and the phases of the cooperation.

In summary it was a good opportunity to know the participant organizations and each other and the changing of information. Over and above we got a lot of data which make easier our work in PrecarioSity.

Check the web page of the project too!