Hungary Budapest 2015. May 15.-22.


The aim of the one-week course is to call the participants’ attention to the play’s effects on personality development, relationship, talent, creativity and deploying talent. We would like to give them methods to make the non-formal learning an experience, introduce methods by the participating organizations. This is going to be a playful, competence-based development program. We would like to have an effect on the way of their thinking, improve their memory, their focus and attention skills and their binocular vision with logic, strategy, board and ancient games. The participants’ personality will be developed by a wide range of self-development games. The games are going to focus on certain skills, especially on logical thinking skills, problem solving skills, decision-making skills, and cooperation skills and fighting skills. During the time we spend together, the participants’ skills in accepting failure or success also will be better.



The training course will prepare youth workers very well for further work since they will acquire knowledge through their own experiences and learning by doing is the most effective way of learning. So their work will be extremely effective. We believe that the play is not only a good way to spend your free time useful and smart but its all kind of development skills might prevent drug and alcohol addiction as well. We would like to share it with the participants. The program of training course contains self-knowledge games, too, that can help participants to know themselves, other youth workers and the youngsters better, and makes possible a more successful lifestyle in the future. We are going to show how learning skills, focus and attention skills, memory and self-discipline can be improved. The strategic mind of the logic games can be used well in everyday life.



Bulgaria – House of Faith

Cyprus – PlanBe, Plan It Be It

Greece – United Societies of Balkans

Romania – Support for the Youth Development Association

Italy – Associazione INNOVAMENTIS

Latvia – Express Yourself

Slovenia – Institute for operation, development and education of social entrepreneurship Karo

Croatia – Centar za odgoj of obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar

Portugal – Azores

Associação Juvenil da Ilha Terceira – AJITER

Lithuania – Siauliu Jovaro progimnazija

Poland – Stowarzyszenie “Więcej Sports niz”

Hungary – ’I Am The Best’ TALENT Mentoring Public Limited Company, private non-profit organization, NGO,


Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning. This is the motto of Erasmus+ Projects, EU programme for Education and The Youth in Action Programme. This is what I have really learnt during the one week training course: Play without Limits – Play’s effect on the personality development.

This was my first Erasmus+ Project to realize the effects of non-formal education and informal learning. As a consequence I was quite excited to be a member of the Hungarian team, from ’I am the best’ Talent Mentoring NGO beside lots of people from all around EU as; Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greek, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal-Azores, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

Play without limits. At first hearing it has suggested me some kind of happiness, joy and absolute freedom, as every games, which have been guiding me through my whole life. Even though, it is more. The biggest value of games beside fun is the development that connected to them. Therefore, the aim of this course was to call the participants’ attention to these effects and give us methods which can use in our organizations as well. The games focused on certain skills, supported Key Competences for Lifelong Learning as; communication, mathematical and basic competences in science and technology, digital competence, learning to learn, social and civic competences, sense of initiative, entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression.

The training was following 5 main topics that were; learn to play again, how play can benefit you, process of play, cooperation games, sport games and dancing.

The starting days were organized around to get information and know each other better. As a result we played communication, team building and country specific game that showed the mentality of the nations. The Hungarian team for example brought the ‘Seat seeking’ that reflected the fighting spirit, the quick reactions and the struggle for good positions. I enjoyed the Romanians ‘Red Rover’ game and the fact that we played it with the Romanian rhyme, the Croatians ‘Rope pulling’, and one of my favorite was the ‘Mantili’, as known as ‘Scarf game’ from Cyprus. Above all, that we could know others cultures, there was international evening with traditional foods, drinks, and customs, just like barbecue party with camp fire as well.

The days after, we played creative and more complex games as for example ‘Country Building’ or ‘Story telling in pictures’. The organizers organized outdoor activities, ‘Number War’, ‘Laser Fight’ and there was opportunity to go to the city center and visit some touristic spectacles. After the training session, almost every evening we had free time programs. In these cases we talked a lot, danced and just were hanging around, enjoying every moments together with laugh.

The end of the week we received our Youthpass beside kind speeches. The certificate that made visible what we have learned in this project. Although we played without limits, in this project I have learned mine. The boundaries, which have broaden better and better during this week. We were almost 40, from 12 countries, but we created one group, no matter differences like age, language or personality. I have improved many skills and key

competences that will be useful in everyday life and in the future, I know. I mean cooperation, creativity, problem-solving or decision-making. But furthermore, thanks for the other people I have known myself in different ways and have learnt tolerance, empathy and self-confidence also. I am grateful that I have been part of this Erasmus+ Project and that I could meet with fantastic, inspiring, young people. I never forget these days and experiences.

 Anna Rozsnyay, participant, Hungary

 You can download HERE the Game Guide of the training.