KA1 Internship & Job Shadowing


We provide internship placement in many fields. We can count on a well established network of local partners, who have also been working with Erasmus+ interns for quite a long time.
Each intern can count of 24/7 tutoring from a dynamic, team of professionals, who will take care of the individual intern or group of interns.

We can take care of the following:

  • Research and management of Internships & Placements;
    Search for top-level housing in the city (apartments or hotels);
    Tutoring 24/7;
    Transfers to and from airport, railway stations and bus;
    Training on arrival in order to facilitate cultural and social integration of the participant;
    Structuring a first cognitive meeting with the manager of the company/institution in which the training will be carried out;
    Language courses;
    Preparation of the whole bureaucratic material useful to the monitoring of the mobility, and the presentation of the final report of the project.


We have established a network of partner schools and institutions that are ready and happy to host you and exchange good practices in the realm of your project topic and objectives.
If you wish to improve your expertise, expand your European network or simply gain an insight on work and training practices used in another country, our project managers will help you craft the perfect programme for you.
You can plan several mobility flows in our different destinations, so to have an even more varied experience.


In order to craft a program in line with objectives and learning outcomes of your project, send e-mail to: training@iamthebest.hu.