Faith crisis of women in Generation Y

Faith-Crises of Women in Generation Y

Seminar, Youth in Action 3.1

Budapest, Hungary, 3-10. May 2014


This Seminar had 32 participants from 

  • Georgia – Research- Intellectual Club ‘’Dialogue of Generations’’
  • Armenia – Armenian Progressive Youth,
  • Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Tafakkur Youth Association,
  • Poland – Stowarzyszenie “WIECEJ NIZ SPORT”,
  • Ukraine – Donetsk Youth Debate Center,
  • Italy – Work in Progress – W.I.P.
  • Hungary – “Legjobb vagyok” (“I Am the Best”),

Belonging to Generation Y (Gen-Y), we know that Gen-Y people find it very important to show themselves in many ways. This is how we came up with our idea to express our thoughts, doubts and questions which we are concerned about and would like to focus on a very complex topic’s specific part – faith-crisis of women of Generation Y.

The main aim of the programme was to improve cultural and social competencies concentrating on men and women both. Opportunity is going to be provided for a discussion between generations in order to map gender roles in this generation. During the seminar, participants was able to get to know Gen-Y women’s cultural self-expression better, namely, how they express themselves in culture, what kind of role they have in society, in family and in relationship. Furthermore, men are going to be active participants of the programme as well.

The following six topics was very important to speak about and experience them through different exercises and trainings during the week:


  • Traditions – nations, examples, approaches
  • Generational cooperation
  • Partnership – family
  • The Gen-Y mothers
  • Me, as a woman
  • Summing-up: defining the term ‘Gen-Y women’

See more details in the seminar’s discussion paper!


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