E+ Projects – 2015

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E+ Projects – 2015

TCA – N.I.C.E. Place

Travelogue - Close to Erasmus + youth projects - Name: Rozsnyay Anna Oeganization: ’Legjobb vagyok’ Tehetségmentoráló Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. Hometown: Budapest Project: N.I.C.E. Place, New Intervention with Creative Education on Local participation and engagement Place: Évora, Portugália Date: 2015, október 11-17. Type of the project: TCA Subject: KA3 E-mail: anna.rozsnyay@legjobbvagyok.hu Assessment: I spent my first … Continue reading TCA – N.I.C.E. Place


Hungary Budapest 2015. May 15.-22. THE TRAINING COURSE`S AIM The aim of the one-week course is to call the participants’ attention to the play’s effects on personality development, relationship, talent, creativity and deploying talent. We would like to give them methods to make the non-formal learning an experience, introduce methods by the participating organizations. This is … Continue reading PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS