About us

’I Am The Best’ TALENT Mentoring Public Benefit Non-profit Limited Liability Company, private non-profit organization, NGO, founded 2010.

Why was the organization founded and what are the objectives?

The founders intended to came up it with the aim of to fulfill potential skills and abilities, and increase and support the mastery level of the18-35 year old young people.

We encourage them to give the best of their advantage in their daily life as well. The main activity is the talent management of young adults, labor market integration support, career choice, career guidance with specific methods, highlighting the positive values​​. Internship programs with mentors involved. In addition, it is important for us that young people as European citizens pay attention to their environment and to address gender equality. One of the main areas of our work is forming new partnerships with non-governmental organizations in international relations.

What are we the best in?

Working with 18-35 year old youth. We know them and listening to them, we know how they are, what moves them, what their habits are and we know how to move them. We know how to motivate them to work and how to learn what the problems (are) they face in their private lives. What kind of challenges could they face when they are working to improve their chances in life, how they can be good and how they need to support.

We can give a young person support if it is needed via the personal psychological support (supportive care), personal skills development and knowledge transfer in group workshops for their own experience providing experiential learning group.


We have good relationships with some Universitys of Budapest, Colleges, vocational training institutions, where young people come in, but we expect all those who belong to this age group, hear us and have ambition and they want a successful life and a career.

Our organization is the founder of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s ‘Private Developers, Consultants, Talent Agencies’ Professional department, and is an official ‘Talent point’ of the Hungarian Genius Programme Networks.

We are connected with more than 50 non-profit organization across the world regarding to work on joint projects.to work on joint projects.  to work on joint projects.to work on joint projects.